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                May 11, 2015

                Why Go LED
                Whats the difference
                between an LED bulbs and
                the Incandescent …

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                We focus on industry leading LED lighting technology for home, industrial and

                commercial applications.

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                Email: order@www.jianxinsuye.com

                RECENT NEWS

                Top Selling Products

                12W LED COB Down Light

                5W Stair Light

                6W 10W Black Grey LED Wall Light

                AC85-265V 6W 12W 20W LED Track Light

                Top Selling Products

                3 Phase Circuit 4 Wire Track Rail LED Track Light Rail Lighting Global Track System Universal Rails Track Lamp Rail 1m

                4 Wire track rail connector

                4W Stair step outdoor lighting

                12W LED COB Down Light

                LED Featured Products

                9W / 12W / 18W CBO LED Track Light

                9W Wall Lamp

                8W LED CBO Wall Light

                3W LED Step Light

                New Technology

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                striving for new

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                At Onelight , we

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                Onelight Led Lighting Specialists

                We focus on industry leading LED lighting technology for home, industrial and commerical applications. All products supplied by Onelight come with a standard three year warranty and all comply with EU,USA and Australian electrical regulations. We’re here to help you, for any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.